Rental & Retail Items

Retail Meats
The following items come packaged In a boilable bag. Simply place package in boiling water for approx 20 minutes, and itg is ready to serve. Perfect for a fast meal for the family or feeding a large group. You will be amazed at the quality and ease of preperation.
Pork BBQ Approx 2 lbs $3.99
Slow Roasted and Mixed with our Famous Mild Sauce.
(This is the product we have been selling at Tulip Time for 11 years.)
Beef BBQ Approx 2 lbs $4.29
Slow Roasted – Available in Smoky or Spicy
Roast Pork Approx 2 lbs $3.99
Slow Roasted and “Pulled” with Natural Juices
Roast Beef Approx 2 lbs $4.29
Slow Roasted “Pot Roast Style” with Natural Juices
Roast Turkey Approx 2 lbs $4.89
Slow Roasted White and Dark Meat with Natural juices
Roasting Pigs
Many other items including Roasting Pigs are available during the summertime. Please give us a call for a current item list and pricing. Thank you.
Beef & Pork Cuts
Available in Bundles, call for details